Anti-condensation thermostatic mixing valve for solid fuel generators - Kv 9

Barberi® thermostatic mixing valves Woody, devices with side mixed water, are used to adjust the fluid temperature. Their standard application is in heating systems with solid fuel generators (logs, pellet, wood chips). Their function is to maintain the fluid temperature returning to the generator over a fixed value. This function allows to reduce the condensation of water vapour, contained within the flue gases, which causes dirt on the thermal exchange surfaces and chimney. The valve keeps a high generator efficiency, preventing encrustations and dust from un-burnt material which reduce the thermal exchange from the combustion flue gases to the system water, damage draught and can be subject to fire. Valves of this range can be supplied with fittings and nuts and, if they need to be connected directly to a pump, versions with running nuts are available.

Working temperature range: 5–100 °C

Max working pressure: 10 bar

Anti-condensation setting: 45-55-60-70 °C

Temperature of by-pass hot port fully closing: Tmix=Tset+10 °C=TR

Accuracy: ±2 °C

Flow coefficient:
art. V13 = Kv 3,2
art. V14 = Kv 9

Suitable fluids: water for thermal systems, glycol solutions (max 50%)

threaded male connections ISO 228-1
threaded female connections EN 10226-1

V1402500ARp 145112
V14M3200AG 1 1/4 M45112
V1402500BRp 155112
V14M3200BG 1 1/4 M55112
V1402500CRp 160112
V14M3200CG 1 1/4 M60112
V1402500DRp 170112
V14M3200DG 1 1/4 M70112
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