proud to b


The new Slogan that we introduce to you, as it has introduced to all Barberi partners, either within the company or outside it, it’s a word game which originates in the English pronounce of the Barberi® trade mark “B” , translated into english in “Be”

“Proud to Be Barberi” means to feel part of the Barberi world, part of the Barberi Team, proud to be part of this group of people: this is the basic concept of this new slogan.

The “Proud to B” world was born and began with people already working with the company but in the future it will be expanded and opened to who will come and would share the feeling: customers, buying groups, plumbers or everyone who would like to embrace our cause, our reason, our commitment, our principles and our team spirit.

The team spirit and the sense of belonging will be built through different and various undertakings which will get started from the next months.

We would be proud if you would share this venture, embrace it and enrich it as much as possible