Knowledge of the market, constant updating of technology know-how, attention towards novelties, all these carachteristics enable the company to offer its customers products aligned with market' specifications; concrete and continous investements on people and structure, respect of what's around us, enthusiasm and a deep trust in what has been done until now and what could be still done in the future, are all elements that make Barberi a dynamic and open-minded company towards new horizons.

Quality, flexibility, professionality are the elements on which Barberi has based its job and customer'satisfaction is the result of its committment.

Employment relationship between the company and its employees must be based on mutual trust, loyalty, transparency and cooperation to be able to face challenges that market submits us. Each people is fundamental part of the production process and has to feel committed in the product's quality.

Barberi transmits its politic to external partners and suppliers and because of this asks for professionality and cooperation ; even little details shall reflect quality standards implemented. The whole production process must be carried on respecting employees safety, being particularly careful towards environment, both inside the company or outside it