Barberi® company was born in this year as individual company thanks to Barberi Aldo in a little village of Valduggia town named Rastiglione. Its main activity is to machine components for industrial valves for other industries, using lathes from water turbine.



The two sons Giuseppe and Michele begin to work with their father Aldo; the activity move to a larger premise. First investments are done buying new lathes and transfer machines. First employees are engaged.


The new Aldo Barberi and Figli company is created in early '70ies. With the experience acquired in past years, first branded articles are produced: swing valves, check and foot valves. Moreover articles for agricoltural market are produced and first patents are deposited. Barberi® creates its own market firstly in italy, expanding its brand. Perspectives for the activity is now a reality and from a simple workshop, the activity becomes an industry.



Barberi® works to strengthen its own internal production and commercial structure, moving to a new plant in Valduggia.The demand for standard and customized products continues to increase and it seems an opportune moment to create a research & development department within the company. A significant achievement in this period is obtaining the ISO 9001 Certification.


The strategies of Barberi® are directed towards the development of new products which introduce the company to new sectors and markets. Always aware of changing needs, Barberi® invests a large part of its resources in the field of alternative energies. The company gains the Environmental Certification 14001. A new pressing shop and warehouse are built. Even in Electroceramica the investments are increasing and we are pretty ready to open a new production workshop for the epoxy resin insulators, thus enlarging article’s range and market possibilities.



The range of articles increases and likewise the need for more space; this leads Barberi® to build a new warehouse.
Of much significance during these years the passage between new and old generation which has allowed the company a
solid and balanced continuity thanks to past foundations, to good management and to partners’ support.