Actuator for mixing valves, rotation angle 90°, for 3 point regulation with integrated probe and temperature regulator. Tempera

P27T2 actuator is a device used to operate the rotary mixing valves. It can be applied to all Barberi® mixing valves, 3 or 4-ways, apart from flanged mixing valves. The actuator is equipped with an integrated control which, through a Pt1000 probe, adjusts the water temperature in a fixed point mode within the 5–95 °C range. The article is equpped with supply cable and European standard plug with 2 directly connected poles, integrated Pt1000 temperature probe, mixing valve adaptor and anti-rotation pin. The actuator is normally used to control the flow temperature in fixed point mode, to control the return temperature to solid fuel generators with anti-condensation function, for fixed regulations on heat exchangers.

Running time: 120 s

Rotation angle: 90°

Torque: 6 N·m

Supply: 230 Vac

Frequency: 50 Hz

Power consumption: 1,5 VA

Type of control: 3 points

Nr. of poles: 2 (with European standard plug)

Cable length: 1,9 m

Protection class: IP 42

Electrical protection: class II

Stocking temperature: -20–65 °C

Working temperature: 5–40 °C

Certification: CE

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