Universal check valve - MF - acetal copolymer obturator - NBR gasket

Barberi® check valves are monodirectional devices, allowing the backflow prevention of fluid under pressure. Depending on the model, they are normally used in domestic water installations, booster pump systems, heating systems, central heating systems, heat generators (wall-mounted boilers, solid fuel generators, heat pumps), thermal solar systems, generic industrial and agricultural water systems. Sealing is permitted through forces exerted by a spring and by the fluid pressure against a gasket which guarantees the seal even at very low back pressures. Moreover, the force of the spring allows the valve to have a universal characteristics concerning the installation position. For special applications where high pressure resistance is requested, the same category of valves with metal obturator can be considered (art. 005K, 020K). For applications where high temperatures are requested, the same valves with metal obturator and Viton gasket can be considered (art. 005KV, 006KV, 007KV, 008KV, 020KV).

Acceptable working temperature range (peaks): -20 (see suitable fluids)–110 °C

Working temperature range: 0 (no frost)–95 °C

Check valve opening pressure: 0,02 bar

Max working pressure art. 005 - 006 - 007 - 008:
from G 1/4 to G 1 16 bar
from G 1 1/4 to G 2 10 bar
from G 2 1/2 to G 4 8 bar

Max working pressure art. 020:
from G 3/8 to G 1 25 bar
from G 1 1/4 to G 2 18 bar

Suitable fluids: water for thermal systems, glycol solutions (max 30%), domestic water

Threaded connections: ISO 228-1

7010000G 3/8 M - G 3/8 F1630240
7015000G 1/2 M - G 1/2 F1620160
7020000G 3/4 M - G 3/4 F1616128
7025000G 1 M - G 1 F161080
7032000G 1 1/4 M - G 1 1/4 F10648
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